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Fidelo  Business  and  Marketing  Consulting  Corporation  will  operate  in  the  administrative  management  and  general  management  consulting services (NAICS: 541611) industry. Under the management of Mr. Mohammad Ali  Ghaffari, the Company will provide results-oriented  consulting services to help businesses in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) niche reach  their  potential  in  strategic  management,  marketing,  operations  management,  and  supply  chain management. 


The Company’s FMCG consulting experts will help businesses improve their performance and  harness  their  potential  as  an  organization

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Given that the Company will be an administrative management and general management consulting services, the following trends will shape the industry and have a parallel impact on the Company:

Number of businesses

The industry demand is driven by businesses across different sectors.

Corporate profit

As corporate profit increases, businesses tend to increase their budget for discretionary services, such as consultancy services.

Value of non-residential construction

This measures investment in office buildings, factories, power plants, mining shafts, and pipelines, among others

Government consumption and investment

Government agencies represent one of the industry's largest markets

Industrial capacity utilization

The industrial capacity utilization index represents the ratio of actual industrial output to total capacity output

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