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Fidelo  Business  and  Marketing  Consulting  Corporation  will  operate  in  the  administrative  management  and  general  management  consulting services (NAICS: 541611) industry. Under the management of Mr. Mohammad Ali  Ghaffari, the Company will provide results-oriented  consulting services to help businesses in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) niche reach  their  potential  in  strategic  management,  marketing,  operations  management,  and  supply  chain management

The Company was incorporated on June 10, 2021, in British Columbia under incorporation  number BC1309766. The Company is 100% owned by Mr. Ghaffari, who will actively manage  the Company as the owner and the Executive Director. 

The Company will aim to tailor its services according to  client  specifications  while  meeting  industry  standards.  Fidelo  Business  and  Marketing Consulting  Corporation  will  be  a  client-focused  and  result-driven  management  consulting  company offering its services at a competitive price. These measures will allow the Company to further grow its operations in a sustainable manner.

The Company will locate itself in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the province’s highest  population  density  and  economic  activities  are  concentrated.  The  Company  will  offer  its  services from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. The Company will utilize the latest trends  and development in delivering its services to clients and ensure that the client’s best interests  are of priority. Its performance will be anchored on the Company’s values and professional  ethics as it demonstrates its commitment to quality and excellence. 


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